Evil Eye Hamsa Crystal Cz Gold Plated Hand Bracelet Red String Lucky Charm Gift

by ATB
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1 New Evil Eye Bracelet, Hamsa Hand Charm Brass & Cubic Zirconia Crystal Macrame Knot !
This red Kabbalah bracelet comes with a blue bead in the center that protects against evil eye good luck charm for protection, the hand charm is made out of brass and surrounded by zirconia crystals !
Each charm is then attached to red bracelet macrame knotted
Worn as charms, these bracelets are believed to ward off bad luck & maladies caused by the "Evil Eye".
Worn as fashion accessories, you can mix, match, stack, or leave it all to your creative side.
Its fully adjustable opened to the maximum circumference is 9.6" approx- smallest size to adjust is 6.20" Measures, from one end to the other end 10" horizontally