Fire Ant Medicated Gel Wipe Away Pain Camping Ointment Bug Insect Bite First Aid

by ATB
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1 Fire Ant Medicated Gel Wipe Away Pain Camping Outdoor Bugs Ants Spider Insect Bite First Aid

This pack 2 pack fire ant sting treatment medicated ointment deliver fast relief you can feel the cooling difference the moment it contacts your skin. The unique medicated gel starts to work immediately to neutralize the stinging venom.
Ideal to relieve the pain, discomfort and itchiness from stings associated with fire ants and other venomous creatures. It can also be used for black flies, chiggers, mosquitoes, sand flies, and spider bites.
Easy to use, with cleans hands remove any stingers if possible then apply gel treatment to affected area. Scrub vigorously in circular patter exfoliating the area. Continue scrubbing until irritation subsides.