Foam Bath Pillow Spa Hot Tub Soft Support Neck Relax Lounge Comfortable Cushion

by ATB
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1 New White Foam Bath Pillow Soft And Textured Cushion Relax And Support Your Neck !

The foam bath pillow is a great support for your head and neck while you are at the spa or relaxing in the bath.
Nothing calms and rejuvenates the body like rushing water.
Inspired by its restorative powers, we offer this foam bath pillow as a cushy nook for weary heads, achy necks and stiff shoulders.
Skid-resistant suction cups offer a secure grip.
While you enjoy a relaxing soak, treat yourself to this pillow's soft support for your head and neck.
Textured soft cushion comes with Eight suction cups to hold the pillow in place while taking a bath.
Its surface wash only.
Dimensions: 11.5" x 12.25" x 2.25"
Provides support and comfort recline in comfort while bathing