Foreign Travel Converter 1600 W Watt AV Voltage Step Down Power Adapater 220 110

by ATB
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$ 23.98
$ 11.99
International Voltage Converter 220V to 110V 1600 Watt. Use US Appliances Overseas !
Operate your 110V/120V electric appliances or electronic devices overseas in countries using 220V/240V.
Simple to operate: plug converter into foreign wall outlet and plug your appliance into the converter's female receptacle, and use your appliance as you would at home.
Step down from 220V/240V AC to 110V/120V AC
Input: 220V/240V AC round pin plug
Output: 110V/120V AC flat blade
Power: for electronic devices/electric appliances of up to 1600W such as hair dryers, irons, hair setters, electric hair curlers, coffee makers, heaters, toasters, coffee cup heaters, clothing steamers, and much more! (do not use with appliances exceeding 1600W)

IMPORTANT: This transformer is for short term use, can be used in 20 to 30 min intervals and then transformer should be plug out.
Suitable for hair dryers, hair strengtheners, cell phones, cameras and small appliances. Should not be used with appliances that consume more than 1600W.
Do not use with kitchen appliances, blenders, mixers, or any heavy machinery.