Gel Silicone Foot Half Sole Insoles Shoes Care Cushion Pad Insole Comfy 1 Pair

by ATB
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1 Pair Of Clear Shoe Gel Cushions Washable & Reusable One Size Fits All!
Brand new seen on tv gel shoe cushions.
Designed for high heeled shoes or no heels.
Made out of silicone gel, soft and comfortable.
Cushions are 2 3/4" x 3 1/4".
Prevents foot from sliding forward while walking and standing.
Stay in place, self adhesive, not easy to fall off, no tape or glue needed.
Enhance blood circulation, shock-absorbing, non-slip.
Relieve pain and pressure of the feet caused by wearing high heel shoes.
In stock ready to ship out same day.
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