Fatima Hand Necklace Hamsa Gold Plated Crystals Evil Eye Charm Pendant Good Luck

by ATB
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Hamsa Necklace Gold Plated Crystals Evil Eye Fatima Hand Charm Pendant Good Luck !!

The evil eye necklace features a gold plated hamsa hand beautifully decorated with clear gems.
Elegance and quality is the main focus of this lucky eye charm necklace.
This universal symbol of the lucky eye and hamsa hand is very popular, it represents protection, blessings, power and strength.
Lucky eye is also known as the evil eye, the Nazar eye, blue eye, hamsa eye, Greek evil eye and so much more. Let the legend of the lucky eye be with you!
Hand charm measures 0.95” H x 0.69” W x 0.07” D.
Necklace length 11 7/8" approx.