3mm Metal Marking Stamps Set Alphabet Hand Punch Numbers Punching Tool Jewelry

by ATB
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Metal marking punches, hand stamps block style Alphabet (A-Z-&) and Numbers (digits 0-9) Stamp Sets. The Stamps in this set are 3mm – 1/8” character sizes. Great for various metal marking needs, on leather and wood, as well as good starter sets for jewelry artists.

Metal Stamps to be struck with a hammer to make impressions on flat surfaces. The Set comes alphabet in one blue box and numbers in a separate blue box. Individual Stamps are 15/64” Square 2-3/8” Long.

* 36 Punches: letters+&+numbers.
* Length: 1/8".
* Size: 3 mm.
* Ideally suitable for Tool Maker'sand Machinist.
* Heat Treated and Tempered.
* Black Oxidized Finish.