4 Pc Holiday Set Air Freshener Spray Car Home Aroma Concentrated Odor Eliminator

by ATB
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Holiday 4PC Set Air Freshener Spray Car Home Room Aroma Concentrated Odor Eliminator !

Combo includes the following scents:
2 X Christmas Tree
1 X Peppermint Frost
1 X Apple Cinnamon
This combo of 4 holiday scented air fresheners have the power to trigger precious memories and a multiplicity of emotions that can lift spirits, improve mood, enrich driving experiences and lead to an overall feeling of pleasure and happiness.
These air fresheners are powerful with 100% concentrated scents that will give you a long lasting smell.
You no longer have to keep spraying over and over in order to keep the area fresh scented. With 2 or 3 sprays the scent will last 48 hours approximately.
Can be used in you car, home, office, bathroom and/or closet, nursery, kitchen and much more.
It is one of the greatest products for odor elimination.
Each bottle contains 1oz / 30ml.