1 Travel Soup Mug Cup 10 oz Take Out Microwave Safe Container Storage Spoon Fork

by ATB
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$ 19.98
$ 9.99
New 10 Ounces GoGo Insulated Food Jar + Bonus Fork/Spoon Combo !!
The 10 Ounces insulated food jar is great for hot foods, cold foods, snacks.
Take it to work, on the go, while traveling, camping, and for your kids meals.
Its made out of durable plastic. Dishwasher & Microwave safe.
Its also great for children.
Comes with a spoon and a fork making it a small and compact combo
Get your today, save money, no longer will you need to buy disposable utensils with this great idea.
* Available Colors: blue, red, and green.
Please let us know if you want a specific color.
We cannot guarantee that the selected color will be in stock.
Please provide us with 3 options of colors when making the payment.
Send us an email specifying colors of choice or a note on the checkout box.
Otherwise we will send you a random color.