Kitchen String Dispenser Cord Holder Twine Chef Butcher 100 Yard Cooking Cutter

by ATB
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New Kitchen String Dispenser 100 Yard String With Cutter & Suction Cup To Attache To Wall!
Great for chefs butchers, cooks kitchen twine string with dispenser.
Save on this set string and dispenser.
The attractive culinary string dispenser platinum series is made for trussing, tying and wrapping meat, herbs, and other foods.
Brand new in package, attractive and handy accessory for your kitchen, meat locker, deli shop, school, office, hobby or arts and crafts room, gourmet or gourmand as well.

* 100 yards of string
* Great for chefs butchers, cooks
* Use in for arts and crafts supplies
* Comes with a cutter
* Suction cup to attach