Lot 3 Mini Ice Cube Trays Makes 108 Home Bar Drinks Jelly Cubette Candy Mold Fun

by ATB
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Brand New Set of 3 Ice Cube Tray Makers!
This set is a fun tool to make cool ice cube shapes for drinks in a party such as cocktails or birthday parties.
It can also be used to make chocolate, jelly, candy or even soap molds
These durable trays come in fun shapes, each tray makes 36 ice cubes, (12 hearts, 12 stars and 12 circles) that means you will make a total of 108 ice cubes with this 3 pc set
Flexible and easy to use.
Freezer and refrigerator safe.
Easy to wash.
Comes in: 1 blue tray, 1 pink tray and 1 white tray.