Nespresso Capsules Holder Pod Organizer Carousel Holds 40 Pods Stainless Steel

by ATB
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1 Tavola Swiss Stainless Steel Rotating Nespresso Coffee Capsules Holder Carousel Holds 40 Nespresso Pods Dispenser !
The capsule holder Vista 40 by Tavola Swiss holds for rows of each ten capsules. It is a high quality storage place for your Nespresso capsules and looks great when positioned next to your coffee machine.
The elegant, stylish appearance makes Capstore an ideal compliment to any kitchen. Vista 40 is revolving and taking up only a very small area on a kitchen top, giving you easy access to your capsules.
Measurements: 37cm Height and 11cm Diameter.
This Capsule holder has a high quality frame made out of stainless steel.
Note: Capsules not included