12 Pack Weed Tiger .156 Precut Trimmer Line Orange Replacement Warrior String

by ATB
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What is Weed tiger?
It's one of the greatest inventions, that will change your life on your yard!
Weed Tiger is a precut trimmer line, easy to install and let's you use your trimmer without the hassle of changing the trimmer lines the old way.

How many lines comes in this package?
In this package you will receive 12 precut trimmer lines.

How do I install the Weed Tigers?
trimmer head.

Five Reasons Weed Tigers are superior to "tap and go" trimmers

1- SIMPLER: 100% of every weed trimmer can be adapted to use Weed Tigers in less than three minutes, and there are no "add-on" gadgets to buy.
Weed Tigers completely eliminate that frustrating tangled trimmer winding and they can be replaced in seconds.

2- MORE DURABLE: We use the world's largest and toughest trimmer line, which is custom manufactured to .156 gauge of the highest grade of quality nylon that can be purchased. "Trimmer-Mowers", use only a .155 gauge line. And yet, because of Weed Tigers unique configuration they can be used not only on the world's lightest weight, and lowest powered gas trimmer, it can also be used on Electric trimmers as well.

3- SAFER: Weed Tigers are bright yellow to make them more visible, and they are at a fixed length. This combination makes it easier to avoid the danger of skinned ankles and legs. The fixed length and high visibility lets the user to see the outline of the line, making it much easier to avoid accidentally cutting down plants and flowers.

4- ECONOMY: Nearly 100% of all maintenance problems, with every weed trimmer is caused by constantly pounding and beating them on the ground to 'feed' more line. This is unnecessary with Weed Tigers since they begin and remain at a fixed length. Therefore they last longer.

5- LESS STRESSFUL: Tangled and mangled trimmer line create jangled nerves.