1 Portable Laptop Cooling Stand Cooler Pad Desk Rack PC Notebook Adjustable Legs

by ATB
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New Portable Cooling Stand for For Laptop / Notebook Computers Adjustable Up To 13" In Overall Length!

Available colors: Grey, Black, Blue, Red - Randomly shipped! Usa Same Day Shipping
The Portable laptop cooling adjust the length to fit, just fix the length by turning the lock in clockwise direction.
Ideal for small notebooks to large laptops.
This stand is a simple solution to a problem that laptops have has since they were introduced.
Poor air flow is now a problem of the past.
The X-Stand creates a 1" approximately space between your laptop and the surface it sits on which results in a amazing airflow improvement.
The compact size and light weight makes it ideal to have in your laptop bag, brief case, or even your pocket. * Packaging may vary from what is shown in pictures.