New Shoe Pouch For NIKE + IPOD SPORT KIT Sensor Lace Nano Case Adapter Run Gym

by ATB
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$ 15.98
$ 7.99
This sensor pouch is a finely crafted pouch that allows serious runners to attach the Nike + iPod wireless sensor to the top of their favorite pair of running shoes.
The sensor pouch securely attaches the Nike+iPod to any style shoe. The Nike+iPod sensor Sport Kit fits snugly in the pouch. The sensor pouch is designed to hold the sensor in the correct alignment and maintain the accuracy of the sensor with the snug fit. The Sensor Pouch is laced to the shoe so it will not fall off, rock or move on your shoe. It is also very small and low profile and designed specifically for the sensor from the Nike+iPod Sport Kit.

Nike Sensor not included.