10" Metal Ring Sizer Gauge Mandrel Finger Sizing Measure Stick Standard Tool Set

by ATB
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$ 32.99
$ 16.99
New Solid Aluminum Ring Stick Sizer + 29 pc Ring Sizer Combo.
The tools that every jeweler must have!

The Stick: This high quality ring sizer measures US and European sizes. In one side it has a scale from 1 to 36 and from 41 to 76 and in its opposite side has a US scale from 1 to 15.5 in 1/4 steps and diameter from 13 to 24 in mm.

The Ring Sizer: New Solid Metal Plated Ring Sizer.
Perfect for any type of ring fitting.
This high quality ring sizer measures US 1 to 15 scale.
It consists of 29 pieces + the ring holder.
Practical and portable.