Sink Drain Brush Cleaner Tool 3.5ft Fix Kitchen Unclog Bathrooms Tub Drain New

by ATB
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$ 15.96
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New 3.5ft. Mini Sink Drain Brush Cleaner For Clogs Kitchen And Bathrooms  !
Clear drains without the need for harsh chemicals with this 3.5 Ft. long mini brush clog cleaner.
Avoid having to call and pay for a professional and tackle the task yourself with this mini drain brush.
The mini drain brush cleans drains and removes obstructions such as hair, food scraps, sand and dirt, without the need for harsh chemicals.
Simply push the head of the brush into the plughole and drain to remove the obstruction quickly and effectively.
Features a long 3.5' Ft. long line, which ensures this will snake as far down a drain as needed.