Travel Luggage Scale Suitcase Weight Hand Held Portable Hanging Hook 77 Lbs

by ATB
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Brand New Kikkerland Luggage Scale with Tape Measure.
Lightweight, compact and durable, this luggage scale is designed to suit the needs of today's travelers.
Check the weight and dimensions of your luggage before you go to the airport.
Don't brake your back! Know how much you are carrying in your backpack before you start trekking.
Or use the travel scale to measure other things, travel related or not.
This easy to read scale weights luggage accurately advising you on how much you can pack.
Avoid costly surcharges!
Perfect as a gift

Maximum weight: 77lbs (35kg)
Dimensions: 4.75" H x 3.25" L x 1.9" D
Tape measure dimension: 39" (1m)
Sealed in original package.