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Travel Power Voltage Converter Adapter 1600W 4 Plugs 220-110 V Charger Transform

by ATB
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International Voltage Converter Adapter Kit
Converts 220/240V foreign electricity to 110/120V up to 1600 watt. Use it with: cell charger, ipod charger, digital cameras, irons, hairdryers, coffee makers, electric blankets, stemers, etc. Use it anywhere in the world, with four international plugs included.

Foreign travel converter for use with heating appliances up to 1600 watts including hair dryers, electric curlers, irons, coffee makers, heaters, toasters ans many others.
Makes your appliances work overseas, changes 220V foreign electricity to 110V U.S. electricity.

Foreign electricity (220/240V) is different from standard U.S. electricity (110/120V). To use your travel appliances overseas, you must use a converter to reduce foreign electricity, otherwise, you will burn your appliances and they will not operate.
Using this converter is simple. Just plug it into foreign outlet, then plug your appliance into the female side of the converter, and use your appliance as you would at home.

This converter comes with four adapter plugs for those countries which require pins of different sizes and shapes.

This adapters will work in:
Africa, Great Britain, Ireland.
Europe-East & West, Middle East, Parts of Africa, Asia and South America.
Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Mainland China and Fiji.
Caribbean, South America, Tahiti, Philippines, Japan and Mexico.
IMPORTANT: This transformer is for short term use, can be used in 20 to 30 min intervals and then transformer should be plug out.
Suitable for hair dryers, hair strengtheners, cell phones, cameras and small appliances. Should not be used with appliances that consume more than 1600W.
Do not use with kitchen appliances, blenders, mixers, or any heavy machinery.