Head Towel Super Absorbent Hair Magic Drying Turban Wrap Hat Caps Spa Bathing

by ATB
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1 Brand New Large Head Towels !

*NOTE: Comes in assorted colors - We do not offer color of choice.
Colors will be shipped randomly.

Head Twist & Tie Towels are extraordinary new hair towels that you slip over wet/dry hair...then twist, secure with button and it's there to stay !
You'll never wantt to use a bath towel again after using the Twist & Tie hair towel.
The Head Towels Twist & Ties tapered desing allows a perfect fit on all head sizes.
It's attractive, functional and comfortable.
Lightweight and machine washable.
* Measures: 25"L x 10"W (each side)

1. With the button at the back, place Twist & Tie over your hand.
2. By lurring the Twist & Tie you will secure your hair.
3. Place Twist & Tie around the button at the back. Twist & Tie does the rest.