Umbra Cork Wine Topper Drinking Buddy Bottle Stopper Plug Peg Glass Charms 7 Pc

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Umbra Drinking Buddy Wine Bottle Stopper and Wine Glass Charms Novelty Gift Item 7 Piece Set !
The brand new super fun drinking buddy wine bottle stopper and wine glass charms set is made by Umbra.
Invite a few new friends to your next party or give the gift of the ultimate charming accessories for your wine bottle and wine glass.
Shaped like little stick-figure men, the Drinking Buddy bottle stopper and matching wine glass markers from Umbra will amuse guests while performing their important duties. 
Use the drinking buddy stopper to cork an open bottle of wine in order to slow its oxidization. 
His head-down position in the mouth of the bottle is certain to prompt a few giggles. 
Meanwhile, his six charming pals hug the stems of wine glasses w/ miniature outstretched arms and their assorted colors-Burgundy, Mint, Grey, Green, and White-help guests identify and keep track of their drinks.